Trump Administration Keeps The British On Their Toes


The Cambridge Union is one of the world’s oldest debating society and it discussed one of the monumental events of this year, inauguration of Donald Trump as the new President of the United States. Britain is experiencing extreme pressure after the Brexit vote. Even though Trump has promised to support the UK government with possible quick trade deals, the government is uneasy with the new administration nevertheless. On the eve of Thursday, the students at the Cambridge Union debated on the presidency of Donald Trump.

The motion was “This house welcomes the end of American hegemony”. At the end of the debate, the motion wasn’t carried, but the house in general is not favorable for the new American president. The former foreign minister, Malcolm Rifkind is a prominent debater and he commented that people are nervous about the new presidency. He openly admitted that he is one of those people and he has no qualms in admitting it. However, he said that he can rest knowing that Russia, China or any other authoritarian country could not take dominance in the near future.

The British government is always happy and proud of its cordial relationship with the America. However, the new presidency has raised a lot of concerns all over the country. The conservative government ruling the country also shares this anxiety. Trump has publicly offered to help the British government with new trade deals soon after UK leaves the bloc. With so much pressure exerted by the Brexit trade deal, the ruling government is unsure about the reactions of the new president of the United States. Britain is desperately in need of new and profitable trade deals to stabilize the economy after breaking off completely from the EU.

The British economy is heavily reliant on the European single market. President Theresa May hinted on hard Brexit and this means that UK won’t be able to retain the access to the single market. A trade deal with a dominant and powerful country can greatly help the Britain to recover from the economic setback. Trump even went on record to state that he wants the trade deal to be finalized quickly to support one of the strong allies of the United States. The current US president cares less about the EU and this is no secret. He has predicted earlier that the European Union would fall apart. He also called the NATO deal is obsolete. Britain is also worried that Trump wants to make new deals with Russia.

Britain is hoping to go down the path cautiously because the country is always happy about balancing its relationship between American and Europe. At this important moment in the history of Britain, the country doesn’t want to be branded as pro-Trump. This could potentially damage the Brexit negotiations when the European counterparts become unhappy with the Britain’s move. Theresa May has said on record that she wants a clean break from the European Union and hopes for the EU members to prosper.

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